Lukas LK-5900HD DUO 64GB F2.2 Wide Angle HD 2Ch. Dash Cam Car Camera Black Box

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Lukas LK-5900HD DUO 64GB F2.2 Wide Angle HD 2Ch. Dash Cam Car Camera Black Box

Lukas LK-5900HD DUO 64GB F2.2 Wide Angle HD 2Ch. Dash Cam Car Camera Black Box



2 Channel Black Box LK-5900 DUO

Memory Capacity? No Worries! Max. 64G Support
Amazing Picture Quality of HD on Both Front / Rear Cameras




Amazing HD of Front / Rear Cameras

1280x720p Real HD / F2.2 Bright Lens

Support accurate and clear images with 30fps recording speed by using high-sensitive CMOS sensor on both HD cameras!

** 2 channel : front 20fps / rear 10fps or front 15fps / rear 15fps
** 1 channel : front 30fps


Front Camera Daytime Recording



Front Camera Nighttime Recording



Rear Camera Daytime Recording



Rear Camera Nighttime Recording




Front & Rear Motion Detector Support!

LK-5900 Duo does not miss any impact as well as slight movements during Parking Mode. Front & rear cameras record & save 30-second-long video when the minute of movement is detected.


Max. 64G Support, Black Box With Real Mass Storage!

LK-5900 DUO with 64G enables stable and long-time Parking Recording with no worry about memory capacity. The only Black Box on the market that provides usage of mass starage.


Convenient Memory Card Capacity Management

Lukas LK-5900 Duo supports up to 64G and enables longer Parking Recording than other HD Black Boxes. When the capacity of the memory card gets full, automatically deletes from the oldest video units recorded sequentially.
You can easily eject the memory card out of the Black Box and play the recorded images.

Basic File Quantities Per SD Card Capacity


** We recommend using SD card certified by lukas. It may not work properly when use other SD card.
** The life span of memory card may be shortened by environment in use as it is a consumable item. We recommend fromatting the memory card once or twice a month.


User-centric easy Lukas Viewer

Lukas Viewer where you can see overall information about your Black Box.
LK-5900 DUO's lukas Viewer divides recorded images into the recording modes (Driving/Event/Motion etc.) and you can adjust settings of brightness, sensitivity, voice recording, buzzer etc, throught the preferences of the viewer.


Recommended PC Specifications for Lukas Viewer

  • OS : Windows XP SP3, Vista(32bit), 7(32/64bit)
  • H/W : Pentium 4 2.8GHz and above / 1G RAM and above
  • Web Browser : Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and above
  • Direct X Version : Direct X9.0 (JUNE 2010) and above
  • Misc : Windows .NET Framework 3.5 and above



135°Wide Viewing Angle
With The Most Minimized Distortion

Use LK-5900 DUO's great ability to collect an important evidence of not only the front but also the side of the vehicle in the event of an accident.


Front : Diagonal angle 135° / Effective angle : Horizontality 107°, Verticality 55°
Rear : Diagonal angle 135° / Effective angle : Horizontality 107°, Verticality 55°



Long-lasting Clarity and Safety!

Diverse Filters

LK-5900 Duo helps maintain clear images long by using UV filter that protects camera lens from the sun. It absorbs unnecessary UV and transmits visible light coming from the sun.
Various filters that support better image quality are available.


UV Filter?

Lukas's UV Filter protects and keeps lens safely by blocking unnecessary UV light from the sun.

CPL Filter?

CPL(Circular Polarizer) Filter removes scattered light coming from the sun and makes the vision even clearer. (CPL Filter is optional)

  • Front Camera : 37mm Filter
  • Rear Camera : 30mm Filter



Recording Modes

Optimized recording modes in a variety of situations

Break less and clarify! Always mode

In case of power on, it records image always per 3min. With infinitely file creation, auto delete from earlier file ffor infinitely save in case of storage full.

Immediately recording at event also easy search! Event recording

A total 30sec both of 10sec before and 20sec after accident that is stored to record the surrounds of vehicle immediately though of 3 axis G senso. Easier and faster review video image is possible because it's kept in event folder against others.

Immediately recording at movement detection! Motion detector

LUKAS efforts to compensate the week point what can't be recorded by a light impact than G algorism on parking, so Lukas contained motion detector to record a tatal 30sec by before/after movement detection. Smart save to detect movements automatically.

Never lost the moment of accident! Manual recording

Simply record an important moment by pressing a button in the event of unexpected situation. Total 30-second-long image (10 seconds before/20 seconds after the button click) is saved.



LK-5900 DUO's Smart & Easy Functions

Exact location checking utilizing
built-in high-sensitivity GPS

Exact location checking utilizing built-in high-sensitivity GPS
Saves 32,000 separate Driving Information in the device itself


Automatically switchable Driving, parking mode
Smart Blackbox!


Format Memory Card without PC Connection

High-brightness Security LED

Real-time Image Play
by AV-out port

Excellent Durability of Lukas Black Box
Regardless of Temperature!

Built-in Super Cap Battery
Safe Image Storing In an Emergency Situation!



Strict domestic and international
certificatoin fo LUKAS BLACKBOX

Various quality certification and research own technology in domestic that is QRONTECH Lukas only.




Package Information




Lukas Name


No Parts function
1 Security LED Security LED is ON during parking
2 Camera Lens Image Shooting, CMOS Digital Sensor
3 37mm UV Filter Filter Lens Protection
4 GPS Built-in Sirt Star 3 GPS (GPS information receiving such as location, time, speed, etc.)
5 Power Switch Switch for Power ON/OFF
6 AV-IN Connected to Rear camera (mini USB)
7 AV-OUT Output real time Blackbox front/rear image with a video jack
8 Emergency Record Button Press it longer than 2 sec : change of Driving ↔ Parking Mode
Press it shorter than 2 sec : Emergency Recording
9 Speaker Output various announcement voices
10 Segment LED Display time, speed, status and others
11 Adjusting screw Blackbox direction adjusting purpose screw
12 DC-IN Power supply to power connection terminal
13 SD Card Slot For Insertion/Removal of SD Card
14 Voice Recording Button Press it longer than 2 sec : Segment LED ON/OFF
Press it shorter than 2 sec : Voice Recording ON/OFF


Item 1 CH (When use front camera only) 2CH
Camera CMOS Digital SEnsor (Sensor for HD),
Front-CMOS Digital Sensor (Sensor for HD), Lens-1/2.9(inch)
Rear-CMOS Digital Sensor (Sensor for HD), Lens-1/2.9(inch)
View Angle Lens : Diagonal Angle (about 135°) / Effective View Angle : Horizontal (about 107°), Vertical (about 56°) Front-Lens : Diagonal Angle (about 135°) / Effective View Angle : Horizontal (about 107°), Vertical (about 56°)
Rear-Lens : Diagonal Angle (about 135°) / Effective View Angle : Horizontal (about 107°), Vertical (about 56°)
Recording Resolution Front - 1280x720p (HD) Front - 1280x720p (HD)
Rear - 1280x720p (HD)
Recording Speed(Max) Max 30 fps Front-Max 20fps, Rear-Max 10fps
Front-Max 15fps, Rear-Max 15fps *Option
Sensitivity about 1 Lux / F2.2
Video Compression H.264 (AVI Format)
Impact Sensor Built-in 3-D Impact Sensor (impact, quick braking, quick starting)
Manual SD format support
High temperature safety support
Weekly carfree alarm support
Security LED support
GPS Built-in Sirf Star III Embedded type
Saving Media SD/SDHC memory Card (64G, Max 64GB)
Replay Program Use of General Media Player or Lukas viewer
Audio Built-in Speaker and Microphone
Power DC 8V ~ 24V
Output to outside NTSC / PAL
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Storing Temperature -30°C ~ 80°C
Size Front : 107 x 59 x 36mm
Rear : 77 x 46 x 38 mm
Weight Front : 128 g
Rear : 42 g

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